Anticorrosion paintings

After the upward explained steps actual is getting the correct selection of the paint. This is the most important level against the corrosion struggle. Here we have to foresee: paintable object’s primary prescription (food, technical, petroleum resistant, acid resistant and etc), environmental conditions, temperature, humidity, dew-point, the thickness in microns and other. The painter has to have an accomplished practical and theoretical knowledge into a painting materials’ composition, how to prepare and launch. Our firm actively uses Danish and German two-component type epoxide based paints, which are characterized with high polymerization feature. We do a primer and then several layers paints, though there exist primer-enamel paints as well, which has got both primer and enamel characteristics together. Besides the importation and distribution, we successfully cooperate with local paint manufacturers. The difference is in quality, price and guarantee period. After the anticorrosion defense services, the correctly selected qualitative paint can prolong the life of the metal for a decade. Our firm also does an epoxide resin greasing on a concrete and metal surfaces.