About Us

Dear Sir, kind greetings !

Ltd. Antikori-80 offers you all kind of anticorrosion service - sandblasting and airless paintings. Our company was registered in 2011, though the personal and directorship involved is doing the same service since 1980. Accrued 37 years practical and technical background, German, Italian, Turkish and Russian machinery, highly qualified personal, competitive prices and mobility in whole Georgian territory guarantees a high level of satisfaction to our customers and maximum of quality. Ltd. Antikori-80 actively collaborates with different leading firms, as with private firms, as well as with governmental departments in Georgia. By the wishes of our customers, we may receive an order directly on our workshop area in Rustavi or do the service locally to the client. Ltd. Antikori-80 has got a huge background for the following named objects and services (including inside the tunnels): high voltage electricity masts, corrosional pipes and constructions of hydroelectric stations and barrages, hydro closing shields, pressurized pipes, bridges, trucks and rims, metal grilles, wine tankers, petrol reservoirs, containers and different metal constructions. Our firm closely cooperates with the suppliers of top quality paintings and their branches in Georgia. We may give a recommendation regarding the needed painting product. A short description: by a high pressure of sandblasting abrasive an iron/metal surface is getting completely cleaned and ready for priming and then painting. The same anticorrosion method is rescuing the life for the metal for decades. We may do sandblasting and painting services separately as well. Also, we do a refining and cleaning services of basalt stones and bricks. Please, refer to the below additional photo gallery and for the rest send to us an e-mail or call. We are ready for a business relations with you!